A Tribute to Gary Moore's Rock Years
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Stu : Keyboards

After hearing first Jon Lord then Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. Hammond organ and synthesizers were all that mattered.
I’ve been a gigging keyboard player since the age of about 13 and spent most of the 1980s playing in various bands and doing sessions including a one off gig with John Miles in 1981, then some extensive work with Rambo, Brooklyn and Pete McDonald’s Malibu, sporting white suits, black leather jeans, dodgy hair, playing synthesizers and using an extremely loud back line to super charge the distorted organ, a sound that not many loved in the 80s but that I have always remained loyal to.
In the early 90s I played in a Prog Rock outfit, Instrumental Asylum, writing and recording extensively.
The later part of the 90s I spent with the Robert Johnson band and The Dice, both blues rock outfits, playing the pub circuit, this time in full denim regalia.
The new millennium saw me playing in some diverse bands including, (on bass for) SRI playing Cream and Derek and the Dominos rock and The Amazing Jack’s Dog, back on keyboards, the latter being a classic rock outfit playing gigs across Northern England. Sporting a nice Fedora, long black cape, undertaker’s suit and scary cravats.
I don’t do small keyboard rigs, never have, never will, it’s all about the sound needed to get the job done properly and authentically.
Now in G-Force, playing Gary Moore’s back catalogue of out and out heavy rock, it’s like coming home.

G-Force Gear includes:

Kurzweil PC3X
Korg Triton Extreme
Nord C2D organ ( with Vent II and Lounsberry Organ Grinder )
Roland JX3P
Alesis Vortex