A Tribute to Gary Moore's Rock Years
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I bought my first guitar ( Cimar Les Paul Copy ) from Mackays on Westgate Road Newcastle at the age of 16 in 1979. Inspired by the likes of Rush, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow and Black Sabbath I wanted to have a go at making a noise myself
I spent the first few years trying to make a go of things with original songs and bands but as soon as I played in a Working Mans Club and earned some decent dosh that became the way forward. Many different bands, social clubs, holiday camps, corporate functions, juggling balls, unicycles and thousands of miles later and into the noughties I'd had enough of all that and wanted to play drums in a rock band. I ended up playing drums in a Rush tribute band called Tom Sawyer.
In 2006 the opportunity came about to play guitar in U2 tribute band VertigoU2. This was indeed a great thing for me as a U2 fan and we spent 12 years off and on playing shows with this band. The added bonus of working with drummer Graeme Wall in VertigoU2 meant that when Graeme joined Adam Ant tribute band Antmusic, and they were looking for a second drummer I got the gig. Playing in a band with two drummers is quite an awesome experience. Great fun.
I've always loved playing bass and have gigged in few different bands along the way on bass guitar. I jumped at the chance to play bass in G Force and to also share some of the lead vocals with guitarist Glenn Howes. Gary Moore stuff is such great fun to play and we've got a great team with G Force. Onwards and upwards.

G Force Bass Rig
2 x Sire Marcus Miller V7 5 string bass guitars
Gallien Krueger MB Fusion 800 Amp Head
Gallien Krueger CX410 cab ( 4 x 10" )
Gallien Krueger CX115 cab ( 1 x 15" )