A Tribute to Gary Moore's Rock Years
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Initially influenced by my parents taste in music which was classic 1960’s then growing up to experience the 1970’s as a young lad into my teens. Music always grabbed me however when I had my first experience with Heavy Rock my life was changed forever.
I started playing guitar in my teens but was initially a roadie for bands in my hometown of South Shields. I just figured I could learn a lot doing this and it turned out that I was right as I got to see all sides of being in a band. I then started singing about 16 years old with my friends in a band called Axxiz which was my 1st real proper band. This situation continued with me playing with friends in various bands over the years and all good fun.
In 1987 things changed. By this time I had turned back to playing guitar more so than singing. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Blitzkrieg and subsequently joined as a permanent guitarist shortly afterwards. I recorded an album and toured with them before that line up disbanded about 1992.
I continued playing through the 90’s with various different bands kind of experimenting with different forms of rock music. In 1997 I re-joined Blitzkrieg doing another album in 1998. I also did some amazing shows and festivals. I then joined the Tygers of Pan Tang in 1999 again doing some amazing shows and an album. Me and my drummer friend from Blitzkrieg Mark Hancock recorded 2 experimental albums and called the project Earthrod during the early 2000’s. I also joined a club band at one point.
I joined Avenger (uk) in 2004 and we supported Y&T on their UK tour 2005. I then formed a Judas Priest tribute band with myself as lead vocalist. I continued to play and I joined Fist in 2013. I went on to play with them for over 4 years playing all over the world at festivals. During this time I also played with a heavy rock cover band called Requiem and had already started putting G-Force together as a project.
I’m now concentrating on G-Force only. I genuinely love playing Gary Moore’s songs. He is my main guitar inspiration and I love his songs. See you out there in the Wild Frontier